ORGANIC, 1 liter (10 ha)

181,50 with VAT

Suspension of spores of microscopic fungi for humification of organic residues. During humification, plant residues are decomposed into intermediate compounds that can retain biological substances in the soil – like humus.


With ORGANIC, you will finally ensure that humifying fungi will dominate in the field when you need them most. In addition, the product is supplemented with special fungus that prevents the development of pathogens on residues.

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  • Organic residues are effectively decomposed
  • Humus increases by 9%
  • Suppression of migration of the pathogens via residues
  • 23% less nitrogen leaching
  • 21% increase in soil viability
  • 67% increase in humic, fulvic acids

What makes the product special

  • For all types of organic residues
  • Resistant to UV and environmental impact
  • Spore microscopic fungi
  • Works against pathogens
  • For all types of tillage technologies or no-till
  • Scientifically tested

How to use


  • Spray the fields in one month after harvesting


  • If not used in the fall, but to ensure the formation of humus, it is possible to spray the in the spring before sowing.
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