Biomas GROW, 1 liter (10 ha)

169,40 with VAT

Suspension of bacterial spores in the soil to improve plant nutrition. Provides plants with the most important elements P, K, and N from the environment: nitrogen – from the atmosphere, phosphorus and potassium – from insoluble compounds in the soil. Plants will be provided with nutrients throughout the vegetation.

The use is very simple and adapted to the farm – you just need to pour it into the sprayer. Contains only bacterial spores, so the nozzles do not clog. Can be mixed with other means.

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  • Fixation of at least 20 kg/ha of atmospheric nitrogen from the environment
  • Fixation of at least 20 kg/ha of mineral nitrogen in the soil
  • Release of insoluble phosphorus and potassium
  • 21% reduction in nitrogen leaching

What makes the product special

  • For all types of crops
  • Spore bacteria
  • UV resistant
  • Can be mixed
  • Efficiency based on testing in Lithuania

How to use


  • Autumn spraying of crops after germination, BBCH 11-22
  • Spring spraying of crops with renewed vegetation, the first drive to the fields, BBCH 22-29


  • Spring spraying of crops after germination until the plat brushing ends, BBCH 11-29
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